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STERIS is a leading provider of infection prevention and procedural surgical products and services. As a result of a series of strategic acquisitions and continual innovation of new products, STERIS holds one of the broadest portfolios of products in the industry, including a long list of first to market products and industry leading service innovations. At STERIS, we are committed to continuous innovation that allows us to reduce our environmental footprint and the footprint left by our Customers. New technology advancements and digital solutions in reprocessing provide healthcare settings with transformation from reactive to proactive with tools that help manage workflow, simplify complex tasks and ensure compliance. These modular connectivity solutions across STERIS reprocessing platforms, are foundational for the growth of our overall intelligent environments in the Sterile Processing and Endoscopy departments. STERIS stands at the forefront of efforts to prevent infection and contamination in healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device environments.

Look to STERIS to be your solutions provider. STERIS Asset Tracking Software and its interfaces give you solutions to the complex challenges of today’s MDRD, OR and GI under one easy-to-use database structure, keeping everyone in lock step. This combined with onsite Clinical support, enables facilities to drive money-saving operational efficiencies to automated documentation to improved patient care. Hospitals are finding SPM’s benefits far-reaching:

  • Connect the MDRD, OR and GI to one single data source
  • Synchronize data between systems
  • Manage individual instruments and devices
  • Interface with washers, low temperature and high temperature sterilizers, AER’s, incubators, no more paper records

STERIS continues to implement Customer driven improvements into our device platforms, providing users with greater functionality, ease of use and focus on new and challenging processes to improve patient and staff safety.

  • improving productivity and cleaning performance through market leading automated washing processes and validated cleaning chemistry solutions.
  • providing validated solutions for reprocessing robotic devices.
  • maximize capacities and reduce costs in high and low temperature sterilization.
  • standardized controls for all reprocessing platforms to simplify user interface and increase user efficiencies through connectivity
  • reducing the risk and improving compliance with market leading 20-minute incubation times for biological indicators and extended cycle BI monitoring

Welcome to the STERIS showcase. Reach out and explore our new product portfolios contained within this showcase or explore further on Take advantage of the many continuing education sessions available from STERIS on the CAMDR weblink or sign-up for Free Online Courses at . Enjoy your stay and feel free to return at any time or reach out to your local STERIS Representative.

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STERIS Education Webinar

Topic: The WHY behind WHAT we do: A Focus on Quality
Speaker: Karen Owens Director of Clinical Education, STERIS

1.0 CE Hours
Approved by: CBRN, CBSPD & IAHCSMM

What Will I Learn?
Seeing a tidal wave of case carts. Listening to complaints from the OR. Rushing to process devices. It’s easy to forget the real reason sterile processing exists: The Patient. We are reminded of the WHY behind WHAT we do and how sterile processing makes a difference to the Patient.

Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:
- Identify the “why” behind the role of sterile processing in patient care
- Discuss key practices that help sterile processing provide quality products to customers
- Explain the direct connection between quality processes in sterile processing and excellent patient outcomes


STERIS Mission, Vision and Values

da Vinci Robotic Assisted Surgery Instrument Cleaning

with 7052HP/7053HP Washer Disinfectors


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