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Welcome to CAMDR 2021 Sponsor Showcase! This is where our members and attendees can learn & connect with you and your teams. This is the section of the page to tell attendees more about you, we will tell you more about the page.

Our members have already expressed one aspect they will miss most about in-person meetings is the Learning Annexes presented by Sponsors. This was where they could learn about the latest innovations in MDR while gaining a better understanding of industry partnership and co-operation. We are happy to say we have found a way to keep this feature virtually. Your video Learning Annex, to be produced by sponsor, will be housed here, just like the webinar below! We can then add a quiz and those that participate will receive a certificate of attendance with CAMDR and Sponsor logo. When in person these sessions ran concurrently in 6 different rooms, by delivering them this way attendees don’t need to pick and choose and can view all if they like at any time that suits their schedule.

You will note the contact card pop up feature, this is where leads are collected and will be shared with sponsors. You will note there is an opt in check box where attendees can request a personal reach out for one on one meeting. We have an incentive for attendees to complete all showcase contact cards to be entered into a draw.

The showcase will be heavily promoted prior to and during the live events and will stay live for 60 days following conference for attendees to view annexes. We will miss seeing you all in person but are always grateful for sponsor support that allows CAMDR to continue to grow and offer more to our members each year.

Together While Apart, Coping with COVID-19

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