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Cantel is a global company dedicated to delivering innovative infection prevention products and services for patients, caregivers, and other healthcare providers, which improve outcomes and help save lives. Through an expansive portfolio serving in the medical, life sciences and dental markets, Cantel provides high-quality infection prevention solutions and unsurpassed service, touching millions of patients each year around the world.

As a leading innovator in infection prevention for over 40 years, only Cantel provides the most comprehensive offering in four critical areas in endoscope reprocessing: Procedure, Manual Clean, Reprocess and Dry & Store. Cantel expands the protection to the areas of Education, Validation, Track & Trace, Service and Collaboration. This unique infection prevention program is designed to provide you with the Complete Circle of Protection (CCOP), aiming to automate your reprocessing workflow, improve department efficiency and reduce infection risks at every touchpoint from the procedure room through to the MDR Department.

Reducing the risk of patient cross contamination is at the forefront of infection prevention. Cantel innovates infection control products designed to improve patient outcomes, while increasing procedural efficiency. Cantel's offerings include sterile single-use valves, disposable tubing, irrigation pump and CO2 insufflator.

Manual cleaning is essential in removing bioburden and preparing the endoscope for high-level disinfection. For optimal results, Cantel's automated flushing aid, dry leak detection system and detergents are designed to be a critical first step to efficiently and effectively eliminating bacteria on endoscopes prior to reprocessing.

High-level disinfection is the cornerstone of infection prevention. Reprocessing technologies from Cantel are designed to ensure patient safety by adhering to the strictest of standards for high-level disinfection, optimizing workflow efficiency, and delivering versatility by supporting a wide range of endoscopes and medical devices. Cantel delivers the globally-recognized best practice in automated endoscope reprocessing by offering the exclusive pass-through design available in the Canadian market.

Bacteria pose significant risk to endoscopes during endoscope storage. Cantel's transport, drying and storage solutions are designed to protect valuable inventory, reduce cross contamination touchpoints, eliminate moisture in the endoscope channels and control humidity. Higher humidity or moisture in endoscope channels is known to aid bacterial growth.

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