Inspection, Prep & Pack- Back To Basics!

< Back to CAMDR 2021 Objectives: 1.Discuss the importance of Device inspection to patient care 2.Review Preparation and Packaging of Medical Devices critical details Speaker: Merlee Steele-Rodway

Certification Exam Success: Tips And Tools To Improve Your Score

< Back to CAMDR 2021 This presentation will introduce you to a number of tools and tips that will help you to improve your score as you prepare to write the CSA MDRT certification exam. They include: * 4 resources from the Canadian Standards Association * Specific techniques and tips for writing multiple choice exams that you can use when you write the CSA exam. Speaker: Barbara Bolding

The Science of Reprocessing – Point of Use Cleaning / Care of Medical Devices a Team Approach

< Back to CAMDR 2021 This program deals with understanding the importance of point of using care and cleaning of medical devices. Point of use care / cleaning involves many professionals and they each have different roles in this process, their roles will be reviewed. Objectives • Discuss the importance and impact of point of use Care / Cleaning on medical devices • Review the various professional’s role in point of use care and cleaning of medical devices - Nurses - Medical device reprocessors - Surgical technicians • Identify current accreditation standards and professional groups point of view that pertain to point of us care / cleaning Speaker: Stephen Kovach

Revitalize Your Work & Life

< Back to CAMDR 2021 Revitalize Your Work & Life Are you trying to be all things to all people? Are you who you want to be during this unprecedented time? Are competing priorities and the lack of time, energy and motivation stopping you from being the best version of yourself? Well, if overwhelm is creeping in it's time to top up your psychosocial wellness tool kit. Learn simple, purposeful, deliberate actions you can easily implement to help you revitalize yourself so that you can bring your best both personally and professionally. Get ready to see how the Kaizen principle can help you improve your quality of life - even in tough times! And… we may even have a little bit of fun! Speaker: Stephanie Staples

CSA Certification Of MDR Technicians – The NB Journey

< Back to CAMDR 2021 The government of NB made mandatory in 2015 to have all MDR Technicians CSA certified by spring 2021. This presentation will highlight the work undertaken to move toward this objective, from where we started to where we are now, along with challenges and benefits throughout that process. Speaker: Steve Savoie

Common Barriers And Compelling Breakthroughs In The Fight For Effective Medical Device Reprocessing In Resource-constrained Countries

< Back to CAMDR 2021 Large gaps exist between medical device reprocessing practices in resource-constrained countries and the global recommendations for best practice. This presentation addresses the challenges of performing safe and effective medical device processing in healthcare facilities with limited resources, using data from Benin, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Cambodia. Common barriers will be discussed, as well as success stories highlighting the impact that paying attention to detail can have on patient and staff safety. Speaker: Christina Fast

Verification Vs. Validation

< Back to CAMDR 2021 We will present the meanings and differences between the terms and processes of verification and how it related to validations as performed by a device manufacturer. Speaker: Rod Parker