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CSA Z8000 public review!

The draft new edition of CSA Z8000 Canadian health care facilitiesis now at the Public Review stage.  Since it was first released in 2011 this standard  has been used extensively in Canadian health care facility planning, design, and construction.  The current draft reflects the best efforts of the committees that developed it, attempting to target the main infection control  section and medical device reprocessing throughout the document.

The 60-day Public Review process is meant as a way to get input from the broader health care community. This is your opportunity to provide suggestions for the final document.

To review the draft and post comments, please visit CSA Group Public Review site at the following link: http://publicreview.csa.ca/Home/Details/2564.  (if you are a new visitors will be asked to complete a very brief registration to see the draft.) Public Review comments will be accepted until June 20, 2017.

Analysis of the scientific strength of published data on the resistance of HPV type 16 to clinical disinfectants (Myers J et al JAC 2014). [prepared by Dr. M. Alfa; Sept 20, 2016] – Click here for full paper!


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